Analytics Solutions in Banking Industry

Credit Scoring:
We help the financial organization to implement Basel and IFRS 9 regulations. We have expert credit risk modeller available to help you build credit risk model PD, LGD and EAD models.

PD Model:
We help to analyze the customer data and based on the customer requirements, perform segmentation of customer to build each model for each segment or single model per portfolio using techniques such as logistic regression or decision tree.

LGD Model:
We assist in building the LGD model depending upon customer requirements, if he is looking for single stage model or two stage model, we adjust our approach depending upon portfolio and availability of data.

EAD Model:
We help to build EAD model depending again customer requirement whether he is looking for CCF approach or some other approach, we are very flexible with our approach.

Analytics Solutions in Insurance Industry

Optimizing campaign for cross sell:
We help to identify the potential customers for cross selling by using propensity model and lifetime models. We build these model using data sciences and help you to save the cost of targeting and help identify best customer based on life profits from each customer. It helps to improve the campaign success rate from 10% to 40% and have abundant saving in costs.

Predicting rate of conversion:
We provide rule based integrated tool to identify the predict the conversion by using rule-based segment tools.

Upscaling the customers:
We can help to identify the customer for upscaling and profitable for company by using our analytics modelling.

Next best offer design:
Based on all insurance products available, we can help to design the next best offer for customer, optimizing the process and maximize the benefits.

Customer attrition model:
We can help to identify the customer at the risk of attrition by using the analytical techniques.

Identify the drivers of first call conversion and online application:
We can help to identify the key driver of first customer call and online application conversion success

Pricing model:
We can help to set up with pricing of each products, so that customer buy it and at same time its profitable to the customers.

Performance analyser tool:
We help to build the dashboard to analyse performance on country level or state level for a portfolio. It helps to manage the performance or management objectives