At Infigos, we have specialized programmer available to do programming starting from C,C++, C#, Dot net to advance programming language such as R and Python. Our team has experience in banking, finance and marketing sector.

DotNet and C# Programming services
We have DotNet and C# programmers with extensive experience in financial sectors. They can do any sort of DotNet and C# programming in any sector.

Java Programming service
We have Java programmers available to build applications around all the technologies in Java. They worked extensively on financial sector and telecom sector.

R and Python Programming service
Our team is experienced and trained well to build data science reports and build other application in current generation data science language R and Python.

Architect level design for programming
Our team can do solution architect level design in any of the programming language mentioned above. They have designed the end to end application in the above-mentioned languages.

Testing service
We have hired testers with experience in manual testing and automation testing including selenium. They have conducted testing in Data warehouse, banking, insurance and telecom sector.